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Sister Act (International Tour)


  • "If we had to choose a character to be most invested in, it’d have to be the regal Mother Superior, played by Rebecca Mason-Wygal. … And wow, does the woman have some soaring pipes, as heard in the number 'I Haven’t Got A Prayer'.”  -  Gary Lim, (Singapore)

  • “The star performance here was given by Rebecca Mason-Wygal as the Mother Superior whose conversation-with-God solo, the Sondheim-esque "I Haven't Got A Prayer," was a real show-stopper.” 
    -  Vladimir Bunoan, ABS-CBN News (Manila, Philippines)

  • “Deloris is often at odds with the traditional Mother Superior, brilliantly played by Rebecca Mason-Wygal.”  -  Our Parenting World (Singapore)

  • Rebecca Mason-Wygal gives a heart-warming performance as the Mother Superior.”  -  Shona Benson, (Singapore) 

The Office! A Musical Parody (Off-Broadway)


  • "Dwight (Michael Santora) is as cynical and irritable as ever and Angela (Katie Johantgen) is still busy bragging about shopping at the American Girl store (while slut shaming Dress Barn). Phyllis is saying something about Bob Vance, while Meredith (both played by Rebecca Mason-Wygal) is in her casual Friday attire. Kelly (Ani Djirdjirian) is texting, and Creed’s covered in blood from the, uh... "dentist."" - Nicole Gallucci, Mashable

  • "Rebecca Mason-Wygal (Phyllis, Meredith, Kevin and others) immediately had me convinced she was legit Meredith from the TV series and made me super uncomfortable at least twice. Her Phyllis impression was also spot on." - Rob Crowther, The Pop Break

  • "Rebecca Mason-Wygal does not hold back as Phyllis, Kevin and especially Meredith." - Kimberly Dijkstra, Long Island Weekly

Mamma Mia! (North American National Tour)


  • "Rebecca Mason-Wygal stole the stage every time she appeared as Donna. Donna is a fun, yet tricky role because the actress needs to be able to capture a working single mom who is both funny and high-spirited, yet emotionally scarred from her past. Mason-Wygal perfectly captures Donna's spirit while still remaining relatable, as if you were watching your best friend onstage. Similarly, her voice suits Donna well because she has incredible clarity and power and she emotes every single word she sings. Between her energy and outstanding voice, Mason-Wygal cannot help but demand attention. And though there was not a poorly-cast actor in the ensemble, your eyes can't help but gravitate back towards Mason-Wygal when she is onstage." - Emily Carl, AXS News (Milwaukee, WI)

  • "The best of this vanished world is embodied in Donna herself, as Mason-Wygal makes clear. She is as homespun and natural a Donna as I've seen on stage - as comfortable in her own skin as she is with a power drill or wearing overalls, both underscoring her ability to take care of her taverna herself. Her singing is similarly honest - plenty of heart." - Mark Fischer, Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI)

  • "The most convincing of the performances was Donna, played by Rebecca Mason-Wygal. Her character's tough nature showed through her performance." - Tara Bennett, (New Orleans, LA)

  • "As the Mamma Mia (Donna), Rebecca Mason-Wygal comfortably holds down the center with aplomb and believably conveys her transformation from budding Earth Mother to resurgent Disco Queen, and back again, and forth again. She shines on "The Winner Takes It All" and is clearly having the time of her life during the staged, full-cast, extended encore." - Michael P. Cahill, New Orleans Advocate (New Orleans, LA)

  • "Both Chelsea Williams as Sophie and Rebecca Mason-Wygal as her mother, Donna, deliver crisp and gorgeous vocal performances. Mason-Wygal is particularly stunning on the power ballad 'The Winner Takes It All.'" - Kat Heuhl, The Post-Crescent (Appleton, WI)

  • "Amid many high points... it proved particularly hard to resist the fairy tale going on behind the scenes as understudy Rebecca Mason-Wygal stepped in as Donna. ... She started out a tad hesitantly, but her voice grew in confidence and authority during the performance, mirroring Donna's journey to becoming a woman who owns her choices. By the time Mason-Wygal was belting "The Winner Takes It All", the crowd was enthralled with her and she with them. Glowing after the rousing finale, she crouched, then lay on her side under the descending curtain, soaking up her last glimpses of the departing audience, blowing kisses at them as a castmate gazed down at her, grinning." - Nancy Churnin, Dallas News (Dallas, TX)

  • "A recent pre-show turn of events thrust the exceptionally talented understudy Rebecca Mason-Wygal into the spotlight in the role of Donna." - Sherri Tilley, The Flash List (Dallas, TX)

  • "Rebecca Mason-Wygal, who has the unenviable task of inhabiting a character played by Meryl Streep in the film, comes into to her own as Donna, more than delivering on Catherine Johnson’s narrative by injection. The crises and authenticity with which she delivers the spoken dialogue, and the emotional intensity with which she sings, look refreshingly more like something one would find in a high tragedy. In doing so, she insists that the play not be simply a series of show stopping numbers (although it is that too), but also an exploration of the emotional relationship between Sophie and her mother, and what Donna’s decision never to have married, or even contacted, Sophie’s father means for both of them twenty years later." - Lawrence Riordan, Around the Town Chicago

  • "Talk about a vibrant cast, from the leads to the chorus, everyone involved gave their all while on that stage. Once you hear the soft, angelic voice of Chelsea Williams in the opening number, goose bumps will appear and eyes will be glued to that riveting star. That is until you meet Rebecca Mason-Wygal. Her sultry voice will awe you in the hypnotic "Money, Money, Money" number. The two women make a fantastic mother/daughter pairing." - Susan Kamyab, (Dallas, TX)

  • "Understudy Rebecca Mason-Wygal successfully pulled off the stubborn, headstrong Donna Sheridan. While her notable vocals took a bit of the evening to fully make themselves memorable (numbers like "Money Money Money" and "Super Trouper" paled in comparison to her impressive rendition of the second act's "The Winner Takes It All"), her relatable approach to the comical, yet often stand-offish character complimented the absolute joy that was Chelsea Williams' Sophie." - Wendi Reichstien, (Austin, TX)

  • "Chelsea Williams and Rebecca Mason-Wygal lead the cast with strong vocals as Sophie and Donna." - Harmony Wheeler, (Modesto, CA)

  • "Donna is played here by Rebecca Mason-Wygal with freshness and enough vocal talent to lead several of the tunes." - Anne Siegal, (Milwaukee, WI)

  • "Donna (portrayed with a great deal of heart, soul and humility by Rebecca Mason-Wygal) is a spirited, independent 'flower child'." - Keith Gray, (Milwaukee, WI)

  • "[Rebecca] Mason-Wygal seems very comfortable playing Donna and moves with no-nonsense direction, taking the forward action between her teeth and guiding it without hesitation. Dressed in overalls, she sings and moves with confidence, making one feel no discomfort at her being an understudy. Her rendition of the title song when she sees the three men from her past for the first time is terrific and great fun." - Chris Jackson, The Column

  • "In the second act, Mason-Wygal's Donna sings "The Winner Takes It All" and nails it." - Dawn B. Vaughan, Durham Herald-Sun (Durham, NC)


Mamma Mia! (Cortland Repertory)


  • "Rebecca Mason-Wygal deserves particular mention for being able to suggest the tentative fun Donna has in singing with her friends again; she builds to a true barnstormer of a tune, “The Winner Takes It All,” a turn directed bitterly at [Woody] Minshaw that brought the house down." - Bryan VanCampen,

The Rocky Horror Show (Henry Strater Theater)

  • "[Rebecca Mason-Wygal's] got a serious set of pipes, and brings real professionalism to her critical role. Mason-Wygal set[s] the pace, and the rest follow step." - Ted Holteen, The Durango Herald


The Winter Wonderettes (Sierra Repertory Theatre)

  • "The nerd of the group, Missy, played by Rebecca Mason-Wygal, knows how to take charge and play to the audience." - Harmony Wheeler,

  • "Mason-Wygal, as the bespectacled nerd Missy, reveals her delightful comedic talent directing the girls with daffy ideas for routines. Her blushing, gushing bride unabashedly throws kisses to her Bill, who is ostensibly stage front." - Patricia Harrelson, The Union Democrat


The Pursuit of Happiness (Durango Melodrama & Vaudeville)

  • "[Comfort Kirkland is] a judgmental Protestant played to crisp precision by Rebecca Mason-WygalMason-Wygal's hilarious rendition of "She's Got You" is a highlight [of the vaudeville]." - Judith Reynolds, The Durango Herald


Mame! (Summer Repertory Theatre)

  • "Rebecca Mason-Wygal charms in [this] big, ambitious production with large, strong cast. ... Played with song-belting, high-stepping charm by Mason-Wygal, [Mame] changes costumes constantly, looking every bit the fashion plate she's supposed to be." - Dan Taylor, The Press Democrat


Hats, Nudes & Immortality (Coeurage Theatre Company)

  • "The two reflections are played by Ryan Wagner and Rebecca Mason-Wygal. Although neither of them look like the person they’re a reflection of, they are so much their pure inner being in movement and attitude that there is no question what they are and what they represent." -– Geoff Hoff, freelance critic

  • "One of the best effects are [Ryan Wagner and Rebecca Mason-Wygal] portraying mirror images of the artist and his wife."– HeyMelpomene, blogger


Playboy of the Western World (A Noise Within Classical Repertory Theatre)

  • "[Christy's] poetic and humble nature even attracts the attention of a trio of single women (hilariously portrayed by Rebecca Mason-Wygal, Alicia Bruckman, and Caitlyn Tella)." - Peter A. Balaskas, freelance critic


The Women (Summer Repertory Theatre)

  • "Rebecca Mason-Wygal [is] excellent in a difficult role." - David Templeton, The Press Democrat



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